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Just diagnosed

Just diagnosed, Just diagnosed

Just diagnosed


A pack designed for people newly diagnosed that covers key topics and includes helpful resources such as our 'Seizure diary'. Covers topics such as; treatment, managing epilepsy, driving, work, safety and risk.

Each 'Just diagnosed' pack contains:

  • 'Just diagnosed' booklet
  • 'Seizure diary'
  • 'I have epilepsy' ID card and wallet
  • 'What would help me?' postcard
  • 'Let us tell you more...' card
  • 'Helpline' card
  • 'First aid' cards

Please note, the 'Just diagnosed' box of 50 packs is limited to one per person. If you require more please ring 01494 601 392 or email

£10.00 is charged for P+P (your packs will be sent via courier). We can only send boxes of 'Just diagnosed' packs to work addresses, if this is a problem contact the above phone number or email address.

If you live outside of the UK please email to arrange payment for Postage & Packaging.

We're currently out of stock of this product. As soon as new stock comes in, we'll update our site.

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